2016 Kareen Malbec

Mokelumne River AVA in Lodi, California

Our first vintage comes from the Mokelumne River sub region of the famous Lodi wine country of California. Hot summer days and cool nights provided by the rivers flowing throughout the region create the perfect conditions for balanced acidity and lush fruit notes of this Malbec. Aged for 20 months in new French oak, with lush flavors of ripe cherry, cranberry and hints of cornelian cherry. The toasting of the oak lends a playful dose of caramel and vanilla to its finish.

2018 Kareen Viognier

Lodi, California

Can you say Viognier {Vee-ON(yay)}? Our second vintage is a Rhone river favorite in France. A lesser known white wine varietal packing lively aromas of stone fruit and light citrus. These fruits come from a well known family of farmers producing amazing Viognier in the Lodi region. This 2018 Kareen Viognier was made in a light crisp style, aged in stainless steel barrels for added freshness and bright notes.

A family affair top to bottom. Kareen Wine is a project of Nemet Vintners LLC a Nemet family company. 

From early days in our garage over a decade ago to our first commercial vintage in 2016, Kareen Malbec is the love child of many years of dedicated hard work, education and contribution by all members of the Nemet family. All together four generations contributed to this vintage. And this is just the beginning.

We welcome you to enjoy this one of a kind celebration of our family!

Malbec Quick Facts 

One of the 18 noble grapes of the world. Malbec is one of the 5 Bordeaux grapes often blended with Petite Verdot and Merlot. In France it is called Côt and is the predominant grape of Cohors region. However, Argentina is where Malbec found its home and is now the number one grape of that nation. In California Malbec is in the clear minority but with amazing terroir Californian Malbec is making a name for itself. 

Acres Planted

Malbec Growing Regions

Highest Elevation Planted (ft)

  • Argentina 76,000 Acres Planted
  • France 16,000 Acres Planted
  • California less than 2,000 Acres Planted

Viognier Quick Facts 

Viognier one of the harder pronounced French varietals hails from Rhone Valley. It is there this aromatic grape found its mate in the region’s noble red wine Syrah. Rhone style Syrah’s can blend up to 20% Viognier to give the red wine brightness and complexity. Viognier is a versatile white grape. It can be made in two styles: rich and oaky or fresh, bright and lively. It is another survivor grape having been reduced to only 20 hectares as recently as 1960s. Viognier’s vivid notes are what gave this grape a resurgence in France, USA, Australia and South Africa to name a few. This is coupled with it’s diverse food pairing: from fried chicken to spicy asian dishes and southern seafood boils this is one white wine to brighten up your gathering.  

Acres Planted

Viognier Growing Regions

Ways of Pronouncing Viognier

  • France 12,000 Acres Planted
  • USA 4,000 Acres Planted
  • Australia 3,000 Acres Planted

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Where is Lodi? Lodi is located in the heart of California. This region we call home is directly south of Sacramento and nestled atop the California Delta. A confluence of multitude of rivers allows the Lodi AVA (American Viticultural Area) to have the best of both...



What is Kareen? Kareen is the name of an ancient Armenian city located in present-day central eastern Turkey. It is also phonetically spelled Karin or Garin. Kareen is where our family is from. They migrated to the Russian empire (modern day Armenia) in the late...



What is Malbec? Malbec is a French grape predominantly grown in Argentina and France. It is perhaps the most planted and produced grape varietal in Argentina. Currently two most common regions specializing in Malbec are: Mendoza, Argentina and Cahors France with Chile...

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In our 4th year of production with more great wines to come.

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