About Us

Brief introduction about us and our wine. Although there is more to our story this page captures the highlights.

Family Owned & Operated. 

From our humble beginnings in a garage in 2010 to this first of what will be many reserve vintages in 2016. Kareen Malbec is an endeavor of the Nemet family and their friends. From our family’s start in the old country of Armenia to our move to California, wine has been an essential part of our cultural foundation.  

With our ever present entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity we embarked on a journey to make wine. Our first vintage in 2010 had a simple goal: don’t make vinegar. Every year since then we have been learning, growing and improving our process. Finally in 2016, after years of experimenting and pouring in resources on equipment and education we decided to dive fully into this exciting industry. Today, in 2018, we have our first commercially available product. We could not be prouder or more excited to share it with you.

About our 2016 Malbec

These are just some of the exiting things we love about our new product. 


Single Vineyard

This Malbec comes form a single vineyard in the Mokelumne AVA, and reflects the character of this terroir. 


Rich Taste

Ripe young elegant fruit bouquet on the nose followed with similar mouth flavors with an addition of vanilla and caramel on the end.



Balanced acidity, mature alcohol content of 13.5% and soft tannins make this wine an all around hit. Age worthy vintage! 


New French Oak

60% aged 18 months in toasted new French oak barrels resulting in soft tannins and a lasting finish. 

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