Product Returns Policy

Returns Policy

At Kareen Wine we pride ourselves for producing the best reserve level wine and we stand behind our quality. However, sometimes unforeseeable things do occur and we want to be here for you to help you enjoy our products and build a lasting relationship.

Damaged Wine

If you received our wine but there is a clear issue with the bottle such as cracks or damage.  Take photos of the damaged product from multiple angels and send the images to  IN SUBJECT LINE WRITE: DAMAGED PRODUCT.

Upon examining the images we will issue a refund or resend a replacement after clear communication and written agreement with you the customer.

Corked Wine.

We make reserve level wines and as such we utilize only the best products to package and preserve our wines. Sometimes unfortunately corks do fail and this produces spoilage of wine, which is commonly referred to as CORKED WINE.

In the odd chance that you received a corked wine please return the empty bottle to us and we will gladly send you a complementary replacement. 

How do I know if a wine is corked?

Corked wines typically have the following traits:

****Wine has aromas of:   Wet Cardboard, Wet Newspaper, Wet Towels, Old Basements, Musty Places.

So in short an unpleasant smell coming form the bottle after opening.

We pride ourselves in making great wines and showing excellent customer service to everyone interested in our products. If you experience any issues give us a call or send us an email at we will be happy to resolve all issues. 

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